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Anmol Mathur



"Art has always been my dream. I consider that I have a very different perception of the world than the rest of human beings. My name, Anmol, means "Invaluable", so I consider that my work is also unique. I believe in couple as a 'unit'. I consider much of my artwork to be a gift from God."

Anmol Mathur was born and raised in Raipur, India; now resides in Indore. As a child he found immense pleasure in painting and drawing. This recreational activity soon became an exciting hobby, as his interest in artistic performances and performances grew.


Anmol, in its beginnings, worked in the events industry and in brand promotion; At the same time, he explored different artistic techniques. Finally, he decided to turn his passion for art into a profession, in 2012. Since that day, he has not taken a step back.

His watercolor and acrylic paintings are inspired by outdoor adventures, usually an evening stroll through the neighboring hills and fields. He draws inspiration from his environment and from everyday life. Make critical decisions with every brush stroke, transforming a blank canvas into a beautiful landscape.

Anmol has experimented with various techniques such as acrylic, watercolor and digital graphics, but oils tend to be his medium of choice.

Being a self-taught artist gives him the freedom and competence to express him self with graphics and other media. His work has evolved through his own experience. The Internet has always been his greatest source of information and techniques.

Currently, he is the holder of two GUINNESS records in the United Kingdom: In 2020 for being the artist who made the most digital art in 1 year, and in 2021 for making the largest mural in the world with bubble wrap.


Indore, India

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