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Cecilia Álvarez



“I am a person who is easily bored with routine, that is why my work is full of imagination, fantasy, magic and emotions that my subconscious combines with my experience in reality, to create a unique version of life. Ideas about what is real detonate in my mind as apparently imaginary worlds, I like to create images from a black background, which is the color of mystery and depth; the end result is as if my paintings have been brought out of a deep sleep. My work shows a reality expressed through the surreal world that exists in the depths of my mind.”

Writer and self-taught plastic artist. From an early age, she has held exhibitions and art fairs in Mexico and, currently, in international events in Venice, Rome, London, India, Palermo and Budapest. She was selected to participate in two important international art anthologies, one in Italy and the other in Spain, in 2022. She won the 2022 Da Vinci Prize, based in Florence, and the 2022 Caravaggio Prize, based in Milan, both important international awards for artistic merit. She participated in the virtual book fairs of Chile 2021 and Argentina 2022, and collaborates in an international magazine of writers. In 2023, she also won the International Pegasus Award, in Venice with her work Victoria's Dreams, which placed her in the column "The Top Artists" of the anthology "Contemporary Celebrity Masters vol. III", which pays tribute to some of the best international artists.


Marble Surface
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