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Edmund Alvarez

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“My work has dressed hundreds of homes, it has made women and children smile; but above all it has made me happy, because all my life I built with the brush the world I wanted for myself”

My childhood was painful, because I had to take care of
  my family from a very young age. At the age of 12, I made a trip from Coahuila to Mexico City in search of a different story than the one I knew on my parents' ranch. One of my older brothers admitted me to a military school that forged a strong and firm character in me to build a different future, first for myself and then for my wife and children. Life has not been easy, seeing my brother who was only 18 years old, my father, my mother, and other of my siblings die. An open heart operation followed by others of less importance but with a high impact on my emotional state, have forged the man I am today.  I consider myself fortunate to have achieved a quality of life very different from what my parents lived on the ranch, and even more so for having achieved it through my great passion for art. I made myself, I had to come out of the bottom alone, I had no support from my parents, and only a little from one of my brothers, but I thank life and God for everything he has given me


Edmundo Álvarez is a Mexican plastic artist who began his career, self-taught, from the age of 8, a lifetime painting regional motifs, since he adopted the influence of the great Mexican muralists, an admirer of the work of Diego Rivera. Landscaper and lover of Mexican alleys with Spanish influence. Although his pictorial work has been in his  majority of customs, since he considers himself a great admirer of Mexican traditions, he has come to adopt his own style in his surrealist and expressionist proposal. His themes have been very varied, among his favorites, religious themes predominate; the Virgin, angels and Jesus Christ have been an important part of his work. More than 300 individual and collective exhibitions make up his curriculum, as well as recognitions for his contribution to art, through the civil association Paseo del Arte José María Velasco, of which he was a founding member. Graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Arts, from the Academy of San Carlos, and the Bachelor of Law, from the Autonomous University of Mexico.



Marble Surface

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