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Emily Shih

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I have been painting for 13 years, since 2009, I am a full time artist. My compositions are through blocks of color to make the image appear three-dimensional. The blocks of color are like large pieces of paper stacked layer by layer to give depth.

Before painting, I use image processing software to segment the image, and then I arrange the geometric shapes and alternate various blocks of tones simplifying the details of the landscape. In the painting process, I adjust the shape and color to achieve a harmonic effect. I believe that flat painting, without shadows, can bring an ethereal effect and the sense of volume as well.

Bright colors are used decoratively. I love the color, it makes people feel warm and harmonious. Strong colors can be inspiring, bright and cheerful. Dark colors make people calm and cool; the combination of contrasting colors makes the image dynamic; the coordination of colors makes the image more stable, and the stacking of many colors is like the director of the work, which adds the highest "artistic value" to the creation.

I believe that the subjective way of creating is what defines me as an artist. My art is an expression of my inner being, an external symbol of my perception of the outside world. The path of the artist is bumpy and lonely, it requires great enthusiasm and perseverance to continue. Every life experience is precious, we are the collection of past experiences, that is why the purpose of art is self-expression. It is a way of showing someone's feelings and emotions. Art gives meaning to our lives and helps us understand our world. Through our works we can better understand our culture, history and traditions. It allows people from different cultures and times to communicate through images, sounds and stories that affect us all.​ 

Emily Shih was born in Taiwan. She works in acrylic and watercolor. She has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions in which she has won numerous awards. Her works have been invited to exhibitions in Europe, South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Shih starts her artistic creations at an early age, since then she has never stopped. For her, art is falling in love with something, it is a set of feelings that emanate within oneself. Emily Shih's works are inspired by the beauty of nature. She transforms the realistic into her own bright and splendid world. This is how she exalts nature and finds in it the form of self-expression.


Emily uses bright and saturated colors, organizes irregular shapes, and alternates various blocks of color, simplifying the details of the landscape. She likes to show space, rhythm and impressions through color, she builds new images and visual resonances. Shih thinks that painting is not about blindly copying reality but about seeking harmony in the relationships between objects. There are colors and lightness in nature, incredible riches, which are discovered when you look carefully.

This fabulous artist uses the contour, the high contrast and the simplification of the image so that it simulates a composition with rough cut sheets of colored paper. Emily Shih believes that no color is absolutely good or bad, she considers that this depends on whether the relationship between each one is correct or not. If the color and volume are right, and placed in the right position in space, beauty can be created.


Emily paints natural landscapes, sunsets, mountains and rivers, water reflections, places she has traveled and places she wants to go. In addition, she loves positive, optimistic and cheerful themes. She wants viewers to look at her artwork and feel the same as her: peace, happiness, joy, and belief in something good. Emily Shih uses her works to heal people's hearts, as her work shows a soft and peaceful harmony. She considers that the temperature of the brush can alleviate the loneliness of the heart, and that art can be used to color the world.


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