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Erik Dimas

HD esperanza_ Erik Dimas
relfejos - Erik Dimas
alienacion-Erik Sebastian Dimas Martinez - GLAMOUR
Partida-Erik Sebastian Dimas Glamour
Miedo-Erik Sebastian Dimas Martinez - GLAMOUR
estudio flores-Erik Dimas - Erik Dimas
cementerio de sueños rotos-Erik Dimas - Erik Dimas
puntos de vista-Erik Dimas - Erik Dimas
soledad-Erik Dimas - Erik Dimas
IMG_20220304_150532 - Erik Dimas (1)_edi


“When I finish the work it is like having screamed, from the bottom of my chest for hours, to vent without anyone listening. And when they observe it, everyone has their point of view, some find strength, others see hope… I find in it the way to discover myself.”

Superficie de mármol

Erik Sebastian Dimas Martinez is a self-taught artist of working-class parents. Since childhood he showed interest in art, but it was not until his adolescence that he would develop his passion for art. Starting with cheap materials and little knowledge, Erik embarked on the artistic path since then and from that point on he has continued along it, improving both in technique and knowledge, developing his own style, at the same time, obtaining better materials, to Express your feelings.

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