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Image by Augustine Wong

Adela Calderón

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“For me, art is a window to escape towards myself and then project myself towards others. The safest way to create art is experimentation, the destination is art itself, the only motive is the love of art, without rules, without limits.”

Superficie de mármol

Adela Calderón Magaña is a Mexican plastic artist who was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in 1957. From a very young age she became interested in painting and began to study it self-taught. At 18, she entered a career in business administration, but she never left aside her passion for art. Later, she trained in the drawing and painting workshops of the INBA, where she learned the technique of anatomical drawing of the human figure with teachers such as Maricela Gussi, Rebeca Altuna, Enrique Samaniego and Manuel Alcalá. She also took contemporary art and human figure workshops at the Nicromante cultural center in San Miguel de Allende. In 2000, she returned to her hometown and dedicated herself to perfecting sculpture with teachers José Infante and Diego Martínez. Currently, she works experimentally, evolving the technique of a style called magical realism, which is characterized by showing the unreal or strange as something everyday and common.


Superficie de mármol
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