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Superficie de mármol

Aidé González

HD - Frida - Aidé González Ortíz_edited_edited
HD - REVISTA Un largo camino - Aidé González Ortíz_edited
HD - María - Aidé González Ortíz (1)_edited


“I lived surrounded by nature, I enjoyed it a lot and I long for the sounds of birds, the countryside, the harvests and the aromas of the Province.
When making my works I try to convey emotions by emphasizing small details”.

Superficie de mármol

Since his youth, Aidé felt the need to express himself through drawing. For his parents, university academic training was necessary to guarantee his personal development. Fulfilled the objective, the same one that he embraced with self-esteem, he finished the career of Journalism and Collective Communication at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In 1991, after accompanying the development of her children and husband, she decided to enroll in the Graphic Design Career at the Universidad Del Valle de México, rediscovering her love for drawing, photography and especially painting. Exploring various techniques, including charcoal, dry pastel, and oil; Upon coming into contact with watercolor, he determines that it is undoubtedly what allows him to express through the landscape his great love for nature, which he has lived and enjoyed since the place where he was born, Cuetzalan, Puebla. He executes the portrait as a legacy for his children and grandchildren, but without prejudice so that in his works the ability to capture expressions and character of the characters is shown. He has participated in collective amateur exhibitions, receiving 6 awards from the National Watercolor Museum.


Superficie de mármol
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