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Image by Augustine Wong

Ale  Arreola

Mi cielo eterno. Ale Arreola - Ale Arreola Arte
HD - REVISTA Horizonte.Ale Arreola - Ale Arreola Arte
GALERÍA- Ale Arreola Artes plásticas - Ale Arreola Arte.jpg


“It's creating that I feel alive! So every feeling, detail or element that I observe awakens immense creative energy in me.”

Superficie de mármol

Ale Arreola was born in Ciudad Victoria on January 24, 1979. Since she was a child, she showed her ability to draw. She is a public accountant, pastry chef, and studied fine arts in various schools in the country and learned different techniques such as figurative oil painting on canvas, pastel chalk, watercolor, and pencil drawing. She later incorporated different techniques such as fluids, pouring, abstract acrylic, textures, automotive paint, asphalt paint, alcohol inks, among others. She has participated in different group and virtual exhibitions from 2015 to date, such as "100 days 100 works", "Super Nova", "Ephemeral Encounters" and "World Art Day". During these eight years, she has put her passion into achieving harmony and balance between the various techniques, which she combines to enrich her works and her creative process.


Superficie de mármol
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