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Image by Augustine Wong

Germán Suárez

HD - Políptico Duelo Decepción Desesperación Desasosiego Desolación  _Germán Suárez Béjar
HD - REVISTA Mose Hijo del Nilo_Germán Suárez Béjar - Germán Suárez Béjar (1)
HD - Oidípous Edipo el Rey Ciego_Germán Suárez Béjar - Germán Suárez Béjar


“The fascination with the human body comes from a very basic interest, which most people experience unconsciously. Its shapes are so familiar that sometimes they seem strange and alien. Awakening in us the inescapable need to recognize and scrutinize them, to discover their unapproachable secret.”

Superficie de mármol

Germán Suárez Béjar is a multifaceted artist who expresses himself in both painting and sculpture. His passion for art was born from his childhood, when he dedicated himself to drawing tirelessly without caring about the lack of family support. Despite his difficulties, he managed to attend some painting courses in his adolescence and develop his talent. In 2017 he decided to venture into an Art career, where he discovered sculpture. Under the tutelage of Professor Alfonso Mata, he learned the techniques and secrets of this discipline. However, his academic career was interrupted at the end of the first semester, when he moved to León, Guanajuato. There, he had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned sculptors such as Juan José Torres and Ricardo Motilla. From the latter, he acquired mastery in the production of sculptures in bronze, a material that fascinates him for its resistance and beauty. In 2019 he returned to Morelia and resumed his art studies. He participated in several projects with prominent sculptors in the city. Currently he has successfully concluded his career and is completely dedicated to his work, which reflects his sensitivity and his constant search for perfection.


Superficie de mármol
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