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Isabel Ruiz de Velasco (Ruzi)

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Ruzi 1.2
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Tequesquitengo 1.2
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The work of Master Isabel Ruiz de Velasco, who has traversed diverse styles and techniques, found her stage of development in the Mexican landscape and the landscape of her imagination; a mixture of the real with the ideal platonism of pure ultramarine blue skies faded, creating places of peace and balance, as seen from the top of a mountain. The technique in which he specialized, after a great search and experimentation, is oil. In his creations, Ruzi presents large-format works that have had a great evolution from the most classic academism to its blurring, as Picasso would call it, in the Abstract. He has given a new vision of the Mexican landscape, taking it to a postmodernism of lyrical abstraction. Observing a work by Ruzi is captivating; up close, you can see the great detail and, from afar, see the vastness of the skies. Isabel Ruiz de Velasco is a Mexican Artist in constant creation and recreation, unstoppable and always innovating.

Superficie de mármol

She has also participated in the design of animated characters in renowned business firms, and is the holder of 4 awards, an honorable mention and 3 recognitions for her impressive professional and artistic career. Undoubtedly, the most admirable thing about RUZI is its noble work, since a large part of its exhibitions are dedicated to altruistic works, among which its support for socio-cultural institutions stands out, especially those that rescue endangered animals, for this reason has been awarded and named as Ambassador of the Royal Eagle and the Whales. Recently, she obtained the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa, which was awarded to her by the Honoris Causa Doctoral Senate at the Autonomous University of Mexico for her valuable contribution to pro-life causes through ART.

Superficie de mármol

Isabel Ruiz de Velasco is a consolidated visual artist in the museum category. During his career he has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in important spaces in Mexico. His work has appeared on the covers of books, and is part of the collection of important Mexican businessmen such as the Jardines del Recuerdo pantheon, Fundación Herdez AC, Baby O, RCA Victor, Pro Nutrición, Fundación McDonald, Casa Ronald McDonald. , the CDMX Children's Health Center, Casa Financiera Brown Armadillo, Hospital Ángeles Interlomas, Hospital ABC Observatorio, Hospital ABC de Neurología Infantil, among others. His work has been included in multiple private collections in Mexico, Japan, Luxembourg, France, Spain, the United States, Canada, Ireland, Venezuela, Argentina and Colombia. Renowned international film and television personalities have acquired part of his artistic work, including: Enrique Peña Nieto (former president of Mexico), Salma Hayek (film actress), Rosa Gloria Chagoyán (film actress), Shanik Aspe (influencer and television host) and Tabata Jalil (host of TV Azteca, an important television network in Mexico). and the CULTURE.

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