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Jonathan Cano

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"For me, art symbolizes the connection with the deepest of human emotions, mixing them with nature, with the universe and the unknown"

Born in Puerto Leguizamo, Colombia. He is a young painter who from a very young age showed his talent in the fine arts; for this reason, he distinguished himself from the rest of his family and friends.

Upon finishing his basic studies, Jhonathan decides to join as a volunteer in the Aeronautical Fire Department, it is here when once again his talent comes to the fore and is recognized, since he had participated in a contest for the renewal of the shield of that area; his design manages to be the winner, and is proclaimed as the next shield of the fire department.

Jhonatan, due to his great creativity, entered the advertising business, and on this path he discovered his passion for art. At the age of 25, he decided, for the first time, to try to capture his ideas on canvas; experimenting with acrylics, he made paintings inspired by his indigenous roots and ancestors.

Currently, Jhonathan has international recognition by the University of San Carlos of Guatemala, and a regional one by the Chamber of Commerce of his country, who has highlighted him  for his business work as an artist that highlights the beauty of the region. 


Marble Surface
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