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Mahima Gupta

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My artistic expression is joyful, vibrant and conveys the beauty of peaceful and loving interaction between life forms, whether animal, plant or human. I believe that life is a complete circle. What you give to life, comes back to you. My paintings represent how natural forms are "happy and pleasant when they have company to talk and play with." My paintings represent goldfish, birds, animals, wandering in their joy. My work expresses that to think and express you can be alone; however, to enjoy life and live to the fullest, you have to have a partner, friends and/or family. You need playful friends to seek harmony in relationships, Observing nature, I realized that social interaction and intimacy seem to bring out the best in every type of life form, even the plants, which are told to grow more beautiful. Through my art, I want to give my clients the warm and blissful feeling of being in harmony with themselves and the environment. My paintings include a diversity of flora and fauna in all settings. I have used vibrant colors in my paintings which are so necessary in today's world, so focused on the negative and gloomy. My goal is to represent that both nature and human beings seek harmonic excellence in everything they do.

I have used rich, bright, vivid and peaceful colors, hoping to bring the brightness and peace in the lives of the viewers that is so necessary in today's gloomy world. I try to transform the real world into a bright and splendid world of my own. My art is based on the famous tribal and folk art of India, the Gond, who believed that looking at beautiful images begets good luck, and blends with the style of contemporary art. I wish that my artworks bring happiness and good luck to the viewers.

Dr. Mahima Gupta is an Indian visual artist currently living in the United States. She is the holder of the Guinness World Record, the Kalam Record, the Extraordinaire World Record, and the India Record; her name is listed in the Marvelous Book of Records. Mahima is a freelance artist and art curator. He has a PhD in Drawing and Painting from the  University of Rajasthan. Jaipur, India. He received a scholarship from  the University Scholarship Commission  to pursue his Ph.D. He was university topper  and Gold Medal, 1st position in MA (Drawing and Painting). The  Dr. Mahima works in all media.  Her works have been invited to be exhibited in Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. She has participated in exhibitions in more than 46 countries.  This brilliant artist has been a juror in many international exhibitions of  art  in Bangladesh , Azerbaijan, Australia and India.  She has received numerous national and international art exhibition awards.  Her works of art and articles have been published in numerous international art magazines , books and book covers.


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