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Valentin Zavala

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" I consider myself passionate about form and color , capturing my thoughts is what  defines my creative process. Nature and experiences in our environment are the models I use to create my pictorial work. I identify with the inherited symbology, and I find beauty in it. I think that the pigments are a nuance that already exists in nature, and that I only merge with the canvas or with the mural to capture moments that ask me to come out from within. I have defined a line of composition based on modeling, because I believe that it is the essence to project every detail in a mural. One of the processes that I consider fundamental is “Structuring”, as it gives life to the mural and allows the viewer to subtly travel within our thoughts”


Valentín Zavala is a self-taught painter. He studied at the Miguel Bernal school where at the age of 6 he made his first mural newspaper for which he was awarded the flag bearer. He has taught various painting workshops and given advice in various cultural venues. He has worked as an editorial adviser in art and is the founder of the Colorines Workshop for the detection of children with artistic talent.

Valentín Zavala is an easel painter and muralist, he has participated in more than thirty exhibitions in important venues in Mexico.  He is the author of eight murals and transcendental works such as "El Sembrador del Cosmos", "Cosmovisión Atlapulquense" and "Panoramica de San Gregorio". He has been a columnist and jury qualifier in arts by CAIF-Xochimilco. Creator of the "Earth and Water" glyph, today a seal considered an official seal.  His artistic work has graced the covers of books, magazines and cultural gazettes. He has been interviewed on radio, television and digital media. He has participated in various documentaries and platforms. 


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