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On June 10, the 2nd ARTISTIC AND LITERARY MEETING was inaugurated, a MAGNIFICENT INTERNATIONAL EVENT that is held annually to bring together artists from different disciplines and writers in a great exhibition, organized by Red Global Creativa in alliance with the AMARILLO78 gallery, which is located in the historic city of San Miguel de Allende. Guillermo Islas, Memo as he is known in the media, and Nallely Moreno, co-founding gallery owners of AMARILLO78 curated an exhibition of 200 works by artists from different parts of the world, which opened GREAT OPPORTUNITIES to those who make art their PROFESSION.

The artistic exhibition was characterized by an extraordinary work of digital museography that allowed the viewer, through a QR code, to know the impressive review of each work and the creative process and career of each artist.

With this virtual exhibition, we want to extend what was experienced in this successful event, so that viewers, gallery owners and collectors can get to know the naked soul of these impressive visual artists, through the rooms shown below:

Golden seed


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Within the framework of this 2nd Artistic and Literary Encounter, the GOLDEN SEED award was presented, an exquisite ceramic piece made by the Mexican-Canadian artist, Verónica Enns. This important international award is a recognition of the extraordinary work of artists, writers and musicians.

They were created in turned clay and were born from a vessel, the same that in the history of prehispanic art represents the womb, the beginning of everything. In a second intervention, textured leaves were added representing movement and growth. The enamel used was a mixture of metals for high temperatures looking for the luster that frames the importance of this celebration".

The arts prizes were awarded to:

Marble Surface


Marble Surface


Marble Surface
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Marble Surface


Important personalities attended this important event:

Representing art, the event was graced by doctors Isabel Ruiz de Velasco and Mahima Gupta, and teachers Emily Shih, Verónica Enns and Hugo Laurencena.

A symbol of literature, without a doubt, is the teacher Fátima Pérez who this year participated only virtually from Ecuador.

A magisterial conference on "Intellectual property" was made present through the voice, knowledge and professional experience of attorney Ernesto Rivas.


A concert made the venue vibrate with the masterful interpretations of the maestro and orchestra director  Rafael Saula Sanango, the soloists and violinists Leonardo Villegas and Alejandro Colín, the composer and pianist Gabriel Domínguez and the maestro and violinist Marcos Domínguez.

Undoubtedly, an event that will remain engraved in the memory of more than 400 people who attended this 2ND ARTISTIC AND LITERARY MEETING in person.

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